Elegant and affordable – Bollard Systems

These are the basic demands for a working and traffic management – not only in urban areas: functional, elegant and affordable. And these demands are to be seen cumulative. Not functional or elegant or affordable.
Functional – the solution must follow the challenge. 
Fixed or retractable bollards - a lot of municipalities, institutions and contractors already control access to market places, pedestrian zones, squares, exhibitions and other central places via bollard systems. Bollards are always used where strict rules of traffic management have to be followed. The choice of the right bollard system depends on parameters like bollard diameter, height or mode of operation.
Elegant - a solution that is hard to be recognized but that works.
Optical and functional advantages of bollards in comparison with for example barriers favours their application. By now bollard systems are the preferred solution when it comes to traffic management of both public and private venues. But what about the costs of bollard systems?
Affordable - the best solution is not necessarily the most expensive.
During the past decade not only the functionality of bollard systems was optimised. Also the efficiency of the manufacturing process increased significantly. As a result the prices for bollard systems could be reduced by 50% over the last 10 years - at highest quality. Therefore bollards evolved into an affordable alternative.